Natural images of a models current look.

These images were once taken with instant Polaroid cameras, although now updated to digital format, these are still natural images with simple lighting and without editing to show the models natural appearance.

Updating your polaroid’s can be essential to providing a true representation of a models current look.


Polaroid Shoots 

  • 1 Hour Studio Shoot
  • 8 Beautifully Natural, un-touched Polaroid images sent digitally.
  • Make up & hair artist  for a neutral styling included with ‘Polaroid Plus’ package.
  • Images received within 24hours.

New to modelling and agency work? Don’t worry! Friendly and supportive guidance is here if needed, everyone starts somewhere!

Polaroids Basic

All the basics, no MUAH
£ 150 No hidden costs, guaranteed
  • 1 Hour Shoot
  • 8 Polaroid Images
  • Advice & Guidance
  • Images received within 24hrs

Polaroids Plus

Including MUAH for Natural Make Up & Hair
£ 200 No hidden costs, guaranteed
  • Professional MUAH for Natural Styling
  • 1 Hour Shoot
  • 8 Polaroid Images
  • Advice & Guidance
  • Images received within 24hrs


Why Are Modeling Digitals Necessary?

Modeling polaroid’s or digitals allow clients and agencies to see how a model looks naturally on camera completely untouched, without post editing. Polaroids are a standard for the modeling industry and signed models typically update their digitals frequently, or when there are major changes to their look, e.g. colour or style changes to hair, weight and shape changes etc. It’s important to have up-to-date digitals on hand when working with new or existing clients/agencies.


Although you may have a portfolio of your work, its important for clients to see the models as natural as possible and un-touched, as some campaign work can be heavily edited for the clients brand style.

What Do I Wear?

Its important for your outfit choice to be simple and effective at showing features and shape clearly. Oversized or loose clothing will not achieve this. For digitals, we recommend form-fitting clothing in block colouring. No prints or patterns and all of neutral colour (black, white, grey, brown). Bright colours, patterns, logos and text clothing are to be avoided entriely.


For models looking to work in fashion, women ought to wear black jeans/jeggings/leggings and a form-fitting vest top or tee that is of a solid neutral colour. Heels are recommended although not essential. This is because heels enhance the model’s shape by lengthening the body and accentuating curves.

Men ought to wear form-fitting jeans and a neutral form-fitting top. It’s hard to go wrong with black jeans and a slim-cut block coloured t-shirt.


For models looking to work in fitness/swimwear, men are typically photographed shirtless to show their body shape; women ought to wear black/white bikinis/ loungewear underwear as shown in our example images.

Makeup & Hair

These images should be as natural as possible, minimal natural make up or no makeup at all is the right way to go for these images. All of our Polaroid shoots are inclusive of our professional hair and make up artist who will ensure a natural look is achieved. Ensure that you arrive with clean face and hair. Nails on fingers and toes are to be kept natural, with clear or neutral-coloured polish/gel. Bright/bold colours and long acrylics can be distracting and take away from the clean natural look that is to be achieved. Remember that chipped nail polish is also a distraction so if you don’t have time to repaint, remove, remove.



Avoid large earrings, no bracelets, necklaces, or any kind of jewellery/accessories. The simpler the better!

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