About Us

Montrose Studios and its team

Montrose and its history

In 2017 Montrose Studios was created from a love of all things photography by model/photographer duo Sophia Montrose & Phil Mairs. The studio proudly provides photography services for an array of different clientele, as well as private studio hire, tuition and group photography events.
With a combined perspective from behind the camera as well as in front of it, the studio was designed to be a safe, comfortable and inviting space for models & clients with everything they could need as well as a creative playground for photographers. We boast some of the most high end lighting on the market – equipping visiting photographers with the tools and the versatility they need to get their creative energy flowing. Most importantly the studio basis was to be a relaxed, fun and a social place to be.
Over the years we have created over 20 sets in the studio including boudoirs, 1950s kitchen and a jungle tiki bar on the beach. We wanted to create a unique and fun space with endless possibilities and if the sets aren’t right for your project we have multiple plain backdrops & enough space for you to create your own custom set for your project. Subject to availability there is access to a private roof top as well as the communal areas of the industrial mill we are situated in.
Our studio is based on the top floor of Welkin Mill across 3000sqft, with large windows filling the space with beautiful natural light.
There really is something for every style of photography or project & we are certain that you’ll have fun with us!


our team

Despite the multiple sets and large space, it’s a small team that runs the studio. Both Sophia & Phil have years of experience in the photography & model industry. Sophia runs the studio, making bookings, creating photography events, make over sessions & is always on hand for reassurance, guidance & support for both models & clients. Phil is the studios incredible photographer who runs group events supporting photographers & models as well as providing group & 1-2-1 tuition as well as creating incredible images for our clients. Did we mention he IS the King of Pinup photography?!

Sophie Montrose

Studio Owner

Starting out as a Vintage Pinup Model Sophia Montrose fell in love with creating beautiful images & has been working with Phil since the beginning. She wanted to create a fun space for all photography as well as a Vintage lovers paradise. Some people say the studio is part life size dollhouse, its true! With Phil on board, Montrose Studios was born. Sophia manages all enquires & bookings & in the studio works with Phil to ensure studio hire & photography clients are happy & comfortable in order to produce their own beautiful images. Lastly, she makes a great brew too!

Phil Mairs

Studio Photographer

Having years of experience & an amazing talent Phil really is one of the best photographers around. His relaxed approach & incredible directional skills make him easy to work with and his shoot approach ensures great results. If you can put up with the terrible jokes that is.
Phil has shot for multiple magazines as well as having celebrity clients throughout the years.
Despite all this he’s probably known best for 2 things, his dad jokes & of course, Pinup Photography!
As a trusted official photographer for Delicious Dolls magazine Phil offers guaranteed publication packages for our clients, which is a must for any pinup lover!



Hair & Makeup Artist

Although at Montrose we use a range of Make Up & Hair Artist, the incredibly talented Evka Allan is our main studio MUAH.
With years of professional photoshoot experience Evka has worked with the studio for our clients since the beginning.
Magical fairy with all things hair & make up, from creative styling to creating the perfect Vintage Pinup look, Evka really is an essential for every photoshoot we do.