Please ensure that you read through the following guidelines and studios rules in relation to COVID-19 protocol. Last updated on 06/06/2021 and under continuous review.
Upon booking studio hire or photography services, you are agreeing to adhere to the below.  We have the right to cancel bookings at any time if these conditions are breached in anyway. We encourage clients to contact us with any queries they may have.

Studio Hire Bookings

In relation to COVID-19, the client who has booked the studio is in charge of ensuring that all government guidelines, as well as those put in place by the studio, are adhered to at all times. General government guidelines are to be followed, below are the procedures we have put in place to ensure safety to ourselves and all clients.

Prior to your booking
– Ensure all parties involved with your booking are aware of the protocol and have read through this documentation are in agreement.
– Ensure that tall parties have the correct PPE available.
– On the day of your booking, prior to attending the studio, please check in with all members to ensure they are feeling well and have no symptoms of Covid-19.
– All outside equipment/ products are to be sanitised appropriately prior to entering the studio.

Your booking
– On arrival please ensure that all members check in via NHS track and trace.
– Maximum of 6 crew members in the studio at any one time. Larger groups should be split into separate sessions to ensure numbers do not exceed the maximum.
– Social distancing in to be adhered to at all times where possible.
– Facemasks are to be worn when social distancing may be compromised.
– General hygiene measures to be followed, wash hands regularly, use hand sanitisers throughout the day, dispose of waste appropriately.
– Model/ Talent not to be touched unless necessary.
– Kitchen facilities are open for use with disposable cups only.

If you have to cancel your booking due to COVID-19 related illness/issues please contact use asap to discuss options.