Website is back up!

Seems the website has been down for awhile and we didnt even notice. Were back and ready for an update. Our least popular set was the newspaper lined walls so we changed it to something really quite different, a modern, … Read More

We got a new Tele !!

We are currently upgrading the Bettie Page to a full retro sitting room. Central to the set is our new (old) Bush TV62. Now a lot of these old sets get snapped up by collectors and resellers and are sold … Read More

..and another!

Hot on Lily-Marions heels is Emmerald Barwise on the April cover of Delicious Dolls magazine. Emmerald popped into the studio to shoot a very naked set of images in the bathroom set

Pinup Publications

The fabulous Lily-Marion  on the cover of Delicious Dolls Magazine !! The kitchen set have always been popular and now its being showcased for all the world to see. Always a pleasure having Lily in the studio.

Delicious Dolls

Montrose kitchen pinup set features in Delicious Dolls magazine with the beautiful Lily Marion.

We have pics!!

The studio has been operating for a few months now so we thought it about time we showed examples of the sets. There are still a few sets to reveal but these really are all under one roof and are … Read More

Progress indeed!

We should be ready in about three weeks time. The walls are almost finished and the sets are ready to be installed. As we get closer to launch we will open up the online booking system featuring two calendars. The … Read More


Here we go !!